We are looking for a sales agent who is empathetic and eager to help & learn. You will be part of the sales team, working alongside the founder and helping website visitors to understand how Mobiscroll can help them make progress and eventually turn them into customers. You will be directly working with potential customers and become the link between them and our product team.

We wake up each morning to help our customers from all around the world build amazing calendaring experiences.

(And we "mean it": Our products are being used in over 170 countries!)

Who are we?

We are building the next generation of calendaring and scheduling UI tools. Our customers range from small startups, and individual developers to Fortune 100 companies and governmental organizations. Teams from companies like AT&T, Disney, Nasa, LIBRA BANK, and Swarovski... all the way to small teams and lone developers use Mobiscroll.

Check out our customers page and read what people say about us

What skills do you need? 

Ideally, you'd have some sales experience, but at the end of the day, selling is just helping people connect the dots between their problems and our solution. You'd be curious and wanting to learn and deeply understand our products and customers.

Besides invoicing, writing up quotations and helping customers purchase you will be doing a lot of written communication with leads. Nurturing and helping them understand the value we provide.

We will definitely appreciate all the effort you put into learning about our products and understanding our clients needs.

Duties and responsibilities

  • You’ll be asking questions to understand the customers contexts and needs
  • You’ll be nurturing the leads and eventually converting them into customers
  • You’ll be working with the founder to get a good understanding of the sales process and how we sell
  • You'll be keeping in touch with developers and the product team informing them about missing features

A few perks you’ll enjoy:

  • Competitive salary package and on top of that generous profit sharing that is paid out quarterly
  • Besides the base salary, there is a bonus in place where our sales agents receive a % of the sales they make
  • Possibility to switch between work-from-home, remote work with the option for office work, co-working scenarios
  • Flexible work schedule. Make work fit into your life
  • Tailored system for personal growth and professional development
  • Team buildings & retreats
  • Loyalty vacation days. The longer you stay with us, your vacation days grow

If you are creative and passionate about software and want to get products into the hands of thousands of developers and millions of end-users, let’s chat. 

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